2TE10M (2ТЭ10M)

From 1981 onwards, the Luganskii Teplovozostroitel’nyi Zavod imeni Oktyabre’skoi Revolyutsii locomotive factory in Lugansk (now called Luhansk) in Ukraine produced 3513 two-section 2ТЭ10M (2TE10M) locomotives of the ТЭ10 (TE10) family. It was basically a modernised version of the 2TЭ10V introduced ten years earlier.

The 2TЭ10M locomotives are broad-gauge (1520 mm) locomotives with diesel-electric direct current power transmission. The 2TЭ10M series locomotives are mainly used for freight.
Since its introduction, many variations of this model have been built, including 2ТЭ10У (2TE10U) and 2ТЭ10УК (2TE10UK) which you can see in the photos. Simultaneously with the 2ТЭ10M series, 639 three-section 3ТЭ10М locomotives with a power of 9000 hp were built, and 25 4ТЭ10С locomotives with four sections and a power of 12,000 hp were built.

Maximum speed – 60 mph / 100 kph;
Diesel engine – Khar’kov type 10D100/10D100M1 2-stroke 10 cylinder vertical opposed-piston design;
Diesel engine power – 2 x 2200 kW (2 x 3000 hp);
Wheel arrangement – Co-Co;
Length – 16,969mm
Weight – 276 tonnes.

Photo by:
R. Povilauskas

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