The first shunter TGM23 was produced in 1960, in the Muromteplovoz factory of locomotives, in Murom, Russia. TGM23 earned a reputation as a reliable and an efficient locomotive and has been used in various industries. It is equipped with 8-cylinder, 500 hp engine with a turbine – 1D12N-500. And like many other shunters it has a hydro-mechanical gearbox so the motor can transmit more power to the wheels at lower speed and allows higher speed when pulling less weight. Maximum operational speed is 37 mph (60km/h). The driver’s cab is designed so, that the shunter could be operated from either side of it. Also, the inside of engine driver’s cab is sound insulated. TGM23 has a cooling system water heater to avoid problems with engine start in the cold winter. Automatic brakes, which turn on when cruising at a dangerous speed, protect the shunter from rolling off the track.

Diesel engine power: 552 kW;
Operational speed: 20 mph.

Photo by:
R. Povilauskas

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