A huge turbine to be mounted in the block of Elektrėnai thermal power-station.

A huge turbine to be mounted in the block of Elektrėnai thermal power-station which is being constructed at present was carried by railroad. The shipment weighing even 400 tons also passed Tauragė.

Turbine for Elektrėnai thermal power-station has arrived to Lithuania. A huge 400-ton turbine was carried by ship to Klaipėda port. A difficult task to transport this big cargo to Elektrėnai has been assigned to the company “Lietuvos Geležinkeliai AB”. Considering the non-standard dimensions of the turbine, it was refused to transport it by other overland means of transport, as the cargo will not be able to pass bridges and viaducts; besides, a load of such huge weight may badly damage the surface of roads.

To transport a non-standard cargo, Lietuvos Geležinkeliai AB has rented from Ukraine a specially designed transporter-platform with 28 axes for carrying especially heavy freights. Furthermore, the train transporting the turbine was assembled in an unusual way: the locomotive was accompanied by the platform wagon with the testing frame which made measurements and informed if the huge cargo was to hit any obstacles on the way, six protection wagons making particular distance for a safe stop of the train, the accompanying wagon, and the platform with turbine and the protection wagon at the very end.

The train maintained a specially determined speed throughout the entire trip. Due to the unusual dimensions of the freight, in some places the railwaymen had to dismantle signal traffic lights, and stop the train movement to the opposite direction in two-track sections.

 In the morning of November the 17th the unusual train started its trip from Klaipėda and at 3 p.m. arrived to Tauragė (to be more precise, the railway bridge over the Jūra River). Drivers of the train took all precautions, driving the train at the speed of 4-5 km/hr across the bridge. Nevertheless, the extraordinary train experienced an incident while passing the town: in the midway between the bridge and railway station the upper part of the turbine hit the traffic light and consequently the train had to be stopped. Successfully, the traffic light was not damaged badly, and after having removed the obstacle, the train continued its trip
This cargo transportation operation which is unique in Lithuania lasted a couple of days. We would like to thank Tauragė Cable Television for possibility to use its reportage. A more detailed story will be published in the nearest BRM issue.

Information by BRM