Measures quickly and accurately

In these times of science and engineering, when technologies develop extremely rapidly, it is very important to keep pace with innovations. Those who lag behind are replaced by those who are faster, more innovative and flexible. Lietuvos Geležinkeliai AB is aware of this rule, and thus continuously invests in advanced and modern technologies. In addition to managing the most modern traction rolling-stock fleet in the East and Middle Europe, using shiny double-decker trains and comfortable railcars, and the impressive universal machinery DESEC TL-70 (which can also replace rails), the company can be proud of having purchased the EM140 road control machine.

Measures with laser

In June, the Austrian company Plasser & Theurer introduced one of its products, namely the EM140, which is one of the most up-to-date road control machines. This machine is designed for measuring geometrical parameters of the railroad in a contactless way, using a laser. In addition to making and recording measurements in two directions, this machine can also analyse road parameters, and so, on the basis of the reports obtained about the actual status of the road, immediate decisions can be made.

Furthermore, the machine is equipped with clearance control equipment which allows making precise and speedy measurements. Besides, as the weight of EM140 is similar to that of a locomotive, the impact of loads on the road can also be evaluated.

“This self-powered road control wagon meets European standards so is another important step in raising the technical level of Lithuanian Railways infrastructure up to the European level”, said Minister of Communications Mr Eligijus Masiulis during the event in June when the EM140 machine was ceremonially transferred to Lietuvos Geležinkeliai AB.

The machine has equipment which can check radio connection and the GSM-R connection (which recently started to be used) in the trains; also, to ensure even more control, a road video recording system and a rail profile scanning system, as well as equipment for testing rolling-stock automatic control devices can be installed… More in BRM No:8.