New container train between Finland and Austria

This year, a new container train “Baltic Container Train” will start running in the transit corridor between Northern and Central Europe via the Baltic States. According to the information received by BRM, basic tariffs, movement schedules and other aspects have already been agreed on. At the end of 2010, railway companies from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania held a constituent assembly with view to settle issues regarding the new container train.

The aim of the “Baltic Container Train” is to connect Finland and Austria. According to the plans, cargos from the Finnish company Navirail OÜ will be transported by the ferry line to the Estonian port Muuga. Here containers will be loaded on the flat container wagons and be carried by train on the Tallinn – Riga – Šeštokai – Vienna route. In Šeštokai Station in Lithuania, the containers will be transferred onto the wagons running on the European gauge lines. It is estimated that it will take one and a half days for a train to reach the Polish frontier, and four days to arrive in Austria. In the territory of Poland, transportation operations will be carried out by the private railway operator Rail Polska Sp.z.o.o.

From Vienna it will be possible to transport containers to other destinations, for example Italy, Greece, Hungary, the Balkan countries and Turkey. Also, the transit line will be used in the opposite direction, ie freight will be carried from Central Europe to the Baltic States (via Šeštokai) and Finland, as well as Russia, St Petersburg and Moscow.

During the initial period of operation, the train will run once a week. The train will be comprised of 20 wagons (30-40 TEU containers). Today the majority of cargos from Finland to the European countries are transported by sea and motor vehicles.

Information by BRM