New trains Vilnius – Klaipėda: ecology, modernity and comfort

Lietuvos geležinkeliai (Lithuanian Railways) introduced a new train, the Pesa 730 ML in February. It left for Klaipėda from Vilnius for its first journey on 9 June 2016.

Ecology, modernity and exclusive comfort – these were the main features mentioned by Stasys Dailydka, CEO of AB Lietuvos geležinkeliai, when he was speaking about the new train. This low-floor train is suitable for people with disabilities; it has ergonomic seats and a climate control system. The company is aware of environmental issues, so the new train is far more ecological than the locomotives used on the track at the moment. The Pesa 730 ML trains will save 900 000 litres of fuel a year in comparison with the locomotives operating today. “We calculated that the amount of air pollutants emitted to the atmosphere will decrease by 7·5 tonnes” said Mr Dailydka.

The new diesel train which has enough space for 150 passengers, will surprise users with the first and second class facilities. First class travellers will relax on spacious leather seats and will enjoy free snacks and beverages. Second class passengers will also have plenty of space for themselves and their luggage, plus a vending machine with different varieties of coffee. Juices and mineral water will be available in second class free of charge. The speed of the train, temperature, destination, distance and other important information will be visible for travellers on an LCD screen. Access to the internet will be available anywhere in the train.

Currently a second class ticket from Vilnius to Klaipėda or vice versa costs 14·50 euros and a first class ticket is 17 euros. The second class ticket for the express train will cost 16 euros, and first class 19 euros.

Around 0·5 passengers are being carried on the Vilnius – Klaipėda – Vilnius route every year. Now, by taking an express train, they can reach their destination in 3 hours 45 minutes.

Lithuania is waiting for another seven modern Pesa 730 ML trains which will be delivered in autumn this year from Poland where they are made.

Source of information AB “Lietuvos geležinkeliai”