Train e-tickets launched in Lithuania

In late February 2015 Lietuvos Geležinkeliai started selling train tickets online. Passengers can print out electronic train tickets bought on the website or save them in their smart devices.
According to Dalijus Žebrauskas, Deputy Director of Passenger Transportation Directorate of Lietuvos Geležinkeliai, last year the company served about 4.6 million passengers, and the busiest routes were Vilnius–Kaunas–Vilnius, Vilnius–Ignalina–Turmantas–Vilnius and Vilnius–Klaipėda–Vilnius. A passenger spends an average of about 3.10 EUR for a rail trip; students and working population account for about as much as 71 percent of all the passengers.
“The possibility of buying a ticket online will help our passengers save time and plan their travel easier. Registered users will receive information on schedule changes, campaigns or offers faster,” Žebrauskas said. “We will also be able to use the available loyalty programme better and apply a greater variety of discounts, as well as offer new special tickets.”
The electronic ticket system was introduced for Lietuvos Geležinkeliai by the intelligent engineering solution company Fima in 18 months. The project cost 1.1 million EUR.
“The system itself is not a novelty, but it was introduced for the first time in the country’s railway sector. We have equipped all the stations with electronic ticket offices, modernised the ticket sale and check equipment on trains, upgraded the website for the online ticket sale, we harmonized everything. It has been a big and serious project for us. The practical solutions for train passengers will now give more flexibility and comfort, and a possibility of providing travel-related information and more attractive offers to passengers more efficiently,” Head of Fima Solution Department Rokas Šlekys said.
The ticket booking and sales system linking the different ways of selling tickets guarantees the reservation of seats and ticket selling at stations, on trains and on the Internet, as well as a fully automated accounting of them. The system includes an interface with the data processing system SAP used in the company, the module of passenger warning about the changed travel conditions, schedules and rates applied.
As part of this project the entire system of ticket selling on trains has been updated, the staff has been provided with new ticketing and inspection devices that support identification and verification of online tickets. Before the introduction of the system, many functions had been performed manually, and now they are computerized.
Lietuvos Geležinkeliai applies a 5 percent discount on all the tickets purchased online in comparison with tickets sold at railway stations.
In the future the ticketing system is planned to be complemented with the international ticketing module, a smart phone application, ticket vending machines, and more ways of payment for travel.

Text by AB Lietuvos Geležinkeliai and BRM